JPK Klínovec

Where to find us?

Loučná pod Klínovcem 110
(near Dámská ski run)

Opening hours

MON-SUN 8:30-16:30


+420 725 700 905
+420 725 700 902



Our ski rental services offer a full range of high-quality ski and snowboard equipment, including clothing and accessories, such as helmets, goggles, etc. You can also rent this year’s latest trends, such as snowblades, bigfoot skis and snowshoes.

Naturally, our clients get free servicing during the rental period.

*Skis including TOP name brands

  • Snowboards
  • Professional servicing and supplementary the sale of sporting goods
  • Snowblades, bigfoot skis
  • Snowshoes
  • Ski and snowboard clothing
  • Helmets, goggles and back protectors

We do not take bookings for equipment rental, as we have an ample range of equipment in all sizes.


  • Brand name skis, such as slalom and giant slalom
  • Special skis for the Snow Park – twin tip by Elan and Salomon


JPK instructors will help you improve your skills easily and smoothly and you will gain or refresh your skiing skills effortlessly owing to the teaching methodology developed by Apul (Association of Professional Ski Instructors).

Group lessons

  • Joy, a lot of fun and new friendships
  • Groups according to age and skill level

Individual lessons

  • En effective form of instruction allowing for an individual approach to clients (1-3 persons)
  • Suitable for adult beginners and very small children

Please book your skiing lessons at least 48 hours in advance.



APUL (Association of Professional Ski Instructors) member schools now offer specialists in ski instruction for children. This new methodology, a system for training specialists in ski instruction for children and clients – “APUL Children’s Winter League”, was created with this purpose in mind. This allows children to take their skiing lessons gradually at various ski centres that have a ski school  involved in the “Children’s Winter League” project(see the list of schools below).

APU the ape, who has become the guide and mascot of the new methodology for children, teaches our children how to ski in a fun and entertaining manner. All instructors at the APUL member schools teach their small clients identically in line with the “Children’s Winter League – skiing with APU“ methodology with great emphasis on games. With APU the ape your child will progress from their first skiing attempts to skiing like a professional and will soon be able to ski down any slope. How can you tell which school “skis with APU “? These exclusive, premium quality APUL ski schools are marked with a special “Children’s Winter League” sticker displayed in every member school.

Skiing diary

When you first order a lesson, your child will receive a special folding card from the Apul winter league, their first “skiing diary”. Individual leagues build on each other from the methodological perspective. The leagues go from blue, red and black with one additional “fun” pink league. Your child will get APU stamps in their diary each time they complete a part of the methodological series. Small skiers gradually go through the entire skiing tuition, receive stamps for their diaries and become better skiers.  

Whether you go on your skiing holiday to the same or a different skiing centre, remember to pack your child’s skiing diary and look for a school with APU. Instructors at any member school will be able to see your child’s skill level according to the stamps and can thus continue smoothly with the next part of the methodology. Your little skier will look forward to receiving more stamps from APU and will improve their skiing skills. They will also receive stamps for completing tasks from the pink bonus league, where they try out different kinds of snow fun.


Ski schools participating in the “APUL Children’s Winter League” project

SKOL MAX Ski School, YELLOW POINT, PROFI Ski and SNB School, HAPPY HILL SOCHOR, JPK – Sport Max, K+K Ski School, SKI – BARON Ski School, POMISKICENTRUM, SNOWSPORT SCHOOL Pec pod Sněžkou, HAPPY HILL Malá Úpa, ETC SPORT – SKI SCHOOL, POHL SPORT ski school, Ski and SNB School Na Martě, CRS Ski School, Mirek Šmejdíř Ski School, MAJA SPORT Ski School.

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